Car Pre Wash – How & Why To Use A Pre Wash For Cars

Car Pre Wash

A car pre wash like Bilt Hamber Touch-Less  prevents scratches and swirl marks by removing dirt and grime from the paint without the need to touch the surface.

Unlike traditional car soaps, a car prewash will use chemical reactions to break the bond between dirt and the paint.

This allows you to simply pressure wash most of the dirt from your vehicle prior to touching the car with a wash mitt.

For mobile auto detailing, a car pre wash is a must-have product!

How To Use Car Pre Wash

A car prewash can typically be diluted from 2 to 5 percent, depending on how dirty the vehicle is. You can prepare your pre wash solution in a pump sprayer or a foam cannon, depending on what equipment you have.

Step 1

First, you’ll want to clean out your pump sprayer or foam cannon. To do this, fill the reservoir with water and spray it until empty. This will help clear out any old soaps, detergents, or dirt that may be trapped in your tools.

Step 2

Next, determine how much you want to dilute the car pre wash. Fairly clean cars can use a 2 percent dilution, whereas very dirty cars will need a 4 or 5 percent dilution. Do do this, take the full liquid volume of your foam cannon or sprayer, multiply this by 0.02 to 0.05, and this number will be how much car pre wash you will add to your reservoir.

Step 3

Add the calculated volume of car pre wash to your sprayer or foam cannon, filling the rest of the container with clean water. For best results, use deionized water.

Step 4

Spray the mixed solution onto the car, letting it sit for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. It is important that you give the product time to work, but do not let it dry on the car. If you see the liquid is drying on the car, spray it off with water and reapply if necessary.

Step 5

Follow up your car pre wash with a normal hand wash, using fresh wash mitts and your favorite snow foam car soap. The washing process should be much easier and require very little pressure, since most of the gunk has been removed already from the car.

Step 5

Once clean, you can dry off the car with your favorite drying aid. Once dry, you can proceed to clay bar the car (if needed), and finish the detail with a synthetic sealant and car wax.

Why To Use Car Pre Wash

There are a number of reasons to use a car pre wash, but here we will discuss the three most important reasons.

First, a car pre wash will prevent scratches, swirl marks, and other paint damage that can result from hand washing your car. When you wash a car normally, you end up dragging dirt and grime across the car. A car pre wash will remove most of this dirt using only water and the pre wash product, meaning you do not have to touch the paint. The more dirt you can remove without touching the paint, the less likely it will be to scratch the car.

Second, a car prewash will make sealants bond much better to the paint. Sealants protect your paint from UV radiation, dirt, and rain. To properly bond to the paint, you need all dirt and contaminants to be removed prior to application. Becuase a car pre wash will break the chemical bonds that hold dirt on your car, using car pre wash will make your paint cleaner. This allows for sealants to bond easily to the paint to provide longer lasting protection and shine.

Thirds, a car pre wash makes washing cars easier. The more you have to work to remove dirt, the harder it is to wash a car. By letting the car pre wash do the work for you, you’ll have an easier time when it comes to cleaning the car. A car pre wash will also help remove dirt from hard to reach areas that you normally cannot reach with a wash mitt.

What Is The Best Car Pre Wash Product?

The best car pre wash on the market is Bilt Hamber Touch-Less.

Bilt Hamber’s car pre wash is a biodegradable sugar-based product with a pH of 12. It is formulated to break bonds between dirt and paint, without using any ingredients that can damage your paint.

Many of the cheaper car pre wash products on the market use phosphates, caustic agents, solvents, or NTA. These ingredients are used because they allow for a cheaper product, but the problem is that these ingredients are harsh on your paint.

The Bilt Hamber car pre wash will help you clean your car with ease, without scratching your paint or harming your clearcoat.

Whether you are detailing cars professionally or detailing your own car, Bilt Hamber Touch-Less will make the process easier and safer on your vehicle’s paint.

By saving time and energy with a car prewash, you can get your cars done quicker or improve your hourly earnings, while also ending up with a better result when detailing cars.

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