Exterior Detailing In Phoenix, AZ

Maximize Your Vehicle’s Shine & Protect It From Extreme Phoenix Weather!

Camelback Detail is dedicated to giving you the high quality detailing services at fair prices, so you can keep your vehicle in good shape all year.

Depending on your needs, our exterior detailing service includes the following:

  • Thorough hand wash of the vehicle.
  • Claybarring to remove damaging contaminants embedded in the paint.
  • Polishing is available if the paint has swirl marks or light scratches that need to be removed.
  • Sealants and waxes may be applied to protect the paint and enhance the shine of your vehicles paint.
  • Glass surfaces are cleaned to a streak-free finish.
  • Ceramic coatings are available if you want long lasting paint protection.
  • All exterior plastic and rubber surfaces are protected with UV resistant coatings.


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Tpyical Prices For Exterior Auto Detailing In Phoenix

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Our Exterior Detailing Process

Step 1 - Vehicle Inspection

Inspect vehicle to assess needs for washing, paint decontamination, and to take note of any pre-existing damage.

Step 2 - Clean Wheels, Tires & Wheel Wells

Wash wheels and tires, removing brake dust and road grime. Keeping your wheels clean regularly helps maintain their finish.

Step 3 - Thorough Hand Wash

Thoroughly rinse, shampoo, and wash all exterior surfaces of the vehicle. This includes door jams, gas caps, and all trim.

Step 4 - Paint Decontamination

Next, a clay bar is used to remove paint contaminants and prepare the paint for wax.

Step 5 - Polishing & Paint Protection

Next, polishing is performed as needed and sealants and/or wax is applied to create an impressive shine and add protection to your paint.

Step 6 - Protect Surfaces & Clean Glass

Tires and plastic surfaces are coated for UV protection. Exterior glass is cleaned to ensure clarity.

Text Us Today To Schedule: (805) 886-3332

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