Interior Detailing In Phoenix, AZ

Camelback Detail’s interior detailing service will help restore your vehicle’s interior back to its original state.

Our interior detailing starts with a thorough vacuum & compressed air blasting to remove debris, and this is followed by steam cleaning or physical agitation to remove dirt, grime, and germs from your vehicle.

Carpets and upholstery will be cleaned, and extractions will be performed on an as-needed best. During this process we will remove any impermanent stains and generally refresh all surfaces of the interior of the vehicle.

Once clean, leather will be conditioned and upholstery will be protected, making the vehicle resistant to damage from spills and UV rays. Last, we will clean all interior glass, leaving a streak-free and crystal clear appearance for maximal safety when driving.

interior detailing phoenix

Tpyical Prices For INterior Auto Detailing In Phoenix

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Our INterior Detailing Process

Step 1 - Vehicle Inspection

Inspect vehicle to assess needs for cleaning, and to take note of any pre-existing damage.

Step 2 - Remove Trash & Personal Belongings

All items will be removed from the car to allow for cleaning the entire vehicle.

Step 3 - Dirt & Debris Removal

Dirt and debris are moved using compressed air and vacuuming.

Step 4 - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery is steam cleaned, impermanent stains are removed, and carpets are extracted on an as-needed basis.

Step 5 - Clean & Protect Surfaces

Interior surfaces are gently cleaned, and a non-greasy UV protectant is applied to hard surfaces.

Step 6 - Clean Glass & Inspect Vehicle

Glass is cleaned with a streak-free finish, and the vehicle is inspect to ensure completion of services.

Text Us Today To Schedule: (805) 886-3332

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